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This journal is now a semi-friends journal. What does that mean? All present translation entries,  drama CD download  entries, and  volume extra entries have been friends-locked. All future translation or summary entries, volume extras, and drama CD entries will be friends-locked.


That means only LJ members who I myself have added to my friends list can view those entries now and in the future.

But why?
I'm done. Just...done. 
Requirements you need for me to add you:
- A LiveJournal account. (duh)
- An icon for your LJ account (I will not take accounts with no icons)
- An entry in your journal. That or a decent profile. 
- You must comment here on this entry specifically saying you want me to add you. (If you don't comment saying you want to be added, I'll just assume you're commenting for other reasons.)

Also, due to my set dates, new entries will not appear on your Friends' page. If you want to read the latest summaries, you'll need to come directly to the journal. 

Welcome Minami Maki Fans~~~!

I created this account separate from my usual account. It's a journal that contains summaries of the works by Minami Maki. So if you're looking for summaries of Special A, Seiyuu ka-!, and upcoming manga by Minami-sensei, here is the place.

~S.A Chapter summaries (chapters 94-99 + 2011 oneshots) 

~S.ATranslations (fan book extras)
~Seiyuu ka! (chapters 2-46, omitting chapters 23-26 and 40-41)
~One-shot stories

My original Sorasan blog is here~~~~~~~~~~~~~


-  If you post any of these summaries anywhere, please give me credit in the post unless the summaries are by another person and I just happened to post a link to them. (Yes, I have an ego problem. Who cares? I don't want to be accused of stealing my own translations and summaries...yes, it's happened before.)

- If you want to use any translations on this journal, please inform me beforehand. I'd like to update any translations if necessary, and I would like to know my translations are being used.

S.A related:
S_ASpecialA Yahoo group - ONLY S.A discussion, announcements, full translations and summaries. Must be a member. This is the group I run.
Special A livejournal community
 Baidu - largest Chinese search engine. S.A search is mostly focused on the anime.
S.A Special A Wikipedia page - Includes information on plot, characters, and media

Seiyuu Ka! Related
seiyuu_ka_manga group -
ONLY Seiyuu ka! discussion, announcement, future translations and summaries, links, and possible scans in Japanese. Must be a member of Yahoo to sign up. This is another group I run.
Seiyuu ka! livejournal community
Seiyuu ka-! Wikipedia page - Includes information about characters, plot, and media.

Minami Maki manga related:

Mangaupdates - updates on the most recent English scanlated chapters
Mangafox - places to read Seiyuu ka-!, and Ane-Mone Seikaten
Minami Maki fanclub - (JAPANESE ONLY) Unofficial fansite of Minami Maki's manga. 

Special A 2011 chapter: #3

This is the third special chapter, starring Megumi, co-starring Yahiro.

Read more...Collapse )

Seiyuu ka chapters 47-53

And now the scanlations are just 1 chapter behind Japan.









Special A 2011 chapter: #2

This is the second new chapter that came out back in September in the 11/1 ZA Hana to Yume issue. It's the Ryuu/Finn one that I didn't summarize until now. The third new chapter will be released in 3 days. It will be 60 pages long!

Anyway, on to the tale about Ryuu, Finn, and Ryuu's bro-con sisterCollapse )

Special A 2011 chapter: #1

I don't know what to call these. "Oneshot"? "2011 oneshots"?

I am making this available for the public to read because...it's Special A.

I feel like I must repeat it, uwa. This was released back in June. This is not the 2nd oneshot that was released today.

A bride, a groom, and a demonCollapse )


The 19th issue of Hana to Yume announced that the 2nd oneshot of Special A this year will be in the 11/1 ZA Hana to Yume issue, which will be released September 26th. It will be 34 pages long.

The first one shot was released June 26th. ...Yes, yes, I know. Where is it? I joined up with Omari's Sister's group to release the first one shot. I had the scans to translate, and they were going to clean the scans for me to typeset. The original plan was to release it by the beginning of August, but plans changed. I have not heard from them lately.

If the oneshot has already been released by someone else, by all means please post a link so I can direct people to it.

Link updates

 Realizing I've been updating Seiyuu ka various places but here, I have updated this journal with links to summaries and translations for chapters 27-42. There are chapters missing, I know. Scanlations are catching up to those missing (like ch.23-26), so there won't be a huge wait. 

2nd Special A oneshot planned

The first chapter in 2 years was published in ZA Hana to Yume's 8/1; June 25th issue. At the end of that oneshot, an announcement was made that S.A will make another appearance in the next ZA Hana to Yume issue.

The first oneshot is currently being scanlated.

Update: Translation usage

 I have only one request, as stated in the rules entry, if you're going to use any translations from this journal. Please inform me beforehand. That way I can go back and update those translations. Translations from ch.17-22 are rough. And I mean really rough. No "small text here" no "though bubble here", and there are huge translation mistakes, too. At the time I first typed them up, I was only focusing on getting them up as soon as possible and didn't care if I made huge mistakes. 

Translating for scanlations is a different issue. I'd prefer them to be more accurate than my "skim jobs"
- First, translations of chapters 18-19 have been replaced by more accurate translations. 
- A oneshot chapter of S.A is being published in Hana to Yume's sister magazine, ZA Hana to Yume on June 25th, 2011. I don't buy ZA Hana to Yume, so I won't be able to get it myself.
- Seiyuu ka-! chapter 41 is the latest chapter (June 4th release)
- Seiyuu ka-! volume 6 is being released June 19th.
- Minami Maki is having a book signing on June 26th.

Provided below are the links to chapter 30 and 31 summaries of Seiyuu ka on my other journal. Senri-Hime spazzes should check 'em out.

chapter 30 and 31

The Chinese scans are up for ch.30, as well.


I have finally received the ZA special short for Seiyuu ka. It's about Ume (and Shou). I'm planning on releasing a scanlation version of it sometime in the future


Seiyuu ka chapters 27-29 summaries

 These have already been posted to my sorasan0000  livejournal. 

under hereCollapse )


2nd Seiyuu ka-! Drama Cd out!!!

It's official now. The 2nd drama CD for Seiyuu ka has been shipped out to those who ordered it and now it's up for Yahoo auction. I'm freaking out right now!!! SOMEONE MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!

BTW, here's the cast for this one:

* Hime Kino: Yuu Asakawa (same as first)
* Mizuki Haruyama: Jun Fukuyama (new)
* Ume Ichijou: Kana Hanazawa (new)
* Senri Kudou: Tomokazu Sugita (same as first)
* Tsukino Todoroki: MAKO (same as first)
* Shou Takayanagi: Junji Majima (same as first)
* Mitchel Zaizen: Daisuke Namikawa (same as first)

Jun-Jun as Mizuki....heh heh...

This CD includes an extra omake by Minami Maki about Ume's dream while she was creating the video the 4 dropouts ended up doing a dub for. This CD includes Tsukino's character song as well. I've heard a sample of Tsukino's song. She kinda sounds like Yuko Goto when she sang S.A's first OP song.
The last chapter left on a cliffy. Everything is resumed in this chapter. Not to mention it'll be the final chapter in volume 4. When chapter 24 comes out, volume 5 will begin~! WOW, so fast...

under thisCollapse )


Seiyuu ka chapter 16 summary

Released in Hana to Yume issue 7, March 5th, 2010. Will be in volume 3!

voice.16Collapse )

Seiyuu ka-! chapter 15 summary

Released in Hana to Yume issue 6, February 20th, 2010. Will be in volume 3!

voice 15Collapse )

Seiyuu ka-! chapter 14 summary

Released in Hana to Yume issue 5 2010. Will be in volume 3!

voice 14Collapse )

Seiyuu ka-! chapter 13 summary

Released in Hana to Yume issue 4 2010. Will be in volume 3!

voice 13Collapse )

Seiyuu ka-! chapter 12 summary

Released in Hana to Yume issue 3 2010. Will be in volume 3!

voice 12Collapse )